XI'AN, China - Sept. 5, 2016 - PRLog -- Geolux today announced the appointment of HydroSpan (subsidary of Eagle Technologies (Shenzhen) Ltd, China) as an exclusive distributor for Geolux flow meters in Asia and Russian Federation. Geolux and HydroSpan have been cooperating on development of ultra-precise contactless surface flow velocity sensor, which was introduced in April 2016. Geolux' Asian customers will benefit from this agreement as HydroSpan will be able to provide them with excellent local-based customer support, and Geolux will continue focusing on development and manufacturing of contactless flow meters.123
The contactless radar-based flow meter, RSS-2-300W, monitors surface flow velocity as low as 0,02 m/s with measurement precision of 0,01 m/s. Contactless radar technology enables quick and simple sensor installation above the water surface, and requires minimum maintenance. The sensor can be installed up to 50 meters away from the water surface. RSS-2-300 W flow meter is used to monitor flow velocity of open channels such as rivers, irrigation channels or sewer systems, and for monitoring and control of hydropower plants and wastewater treatment plants. The flow meter is also suitable for various mass flow metering applications in mining processing plants, industrial installations, and, due to operation without moving parts and robust mechanical design, is ideal for measurement of flammable fluids and harsh chemical applications.

About Geolux
Founded in 2007, European-based Geolux develops, designs and manufactures electronic sensors and equipment for hydrology, security, traffic applications. Their product line includes radar-based flow meters, traffic speed sensors and traffic counters, radar-based intrusion detectors and motion sensors. Geolux is constantly researching, developing and innovating, with the ultimate goal to become a global leader in radar technology in forthcoming years.


About HydroSpan
HydroSpan Limited (subsidary of Eagle Technologies (Shenzhen) Ltd, China), founded in 2009 in Xian High-Tech Zone, specialized in developing and selling sensors and hydrological monitoring equipment including system solutions for hydrology, irrigation, flood alert, sewage, industry and water treatment applications. HydroSpan is a major instrumentation supplier of sensors and water monitoring systems to China's National Hydrological Info Service, Irrigation & Drainage Metering Service, Small and Medium-sized Rivers Monitoring Program, National Academy of Water Science, Chinese Army Corps of Hydro Engineering, River&Ocean University of China as well as many provincial and local governments and private sector industries.


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