Hydrological cableway is a hydrological station for measuring river flow and discharge.Automated Cableway System has been developed to replace manned cableways, thus removing the personal injury risk associated with this type of gauging. A radar flow meter can be attached with standard cableway system to measure water depth,velocity and discharge. The cableway  can also use either an ADCP or a mechanical Current Meter attached to a suitable Gauging weight to measure discharge or Depth Integrating Sediment Sampler.


  • Fixed cableway system
  • Portable cableway system
  • Bridges & cross river trusses

Benefits of Radar Equiped Cableway System:

  •  Easy to fit with any type of existing and new cableway systems
  •  24hours online measurement
  •  No conflict with existing mechnical current meter gauging.
  •  Suitable for any flow conditions including low speed stream & extremely high speed flood
  •  Not effected from floats & Sediment concentration
  •  Occupational health & safety compatible
  •  Suitable for portable cable System
  •  No maintenance
  •  One man operation
  •  Low power consumption, suitable for solar power system
  •  High accuracy in measurement (conforming to hydrology openchanel measument standard)