Open-channels provide water for:

  • 40% of the world agricultural production: irrigated crops ƒ
  • Drinking Water production purification plants ƒ
  • Industries
  • With increasing requirements for quality of service:
  • Guaranteed flow distribution ƒ
  • Respect of sanitary norms

High turbidity and sediment deposition are key features of irrigration water in open channels.Using contacting type instruments such as ultrasonic doppler flow meter or ADCP for irrigraiton canal metering has a restrition on sediment conditons.  RSS-2-300W-R2 is a high precision, radar type flow meter for use in most open channels and irrigation canals without influence from sediment concentration.RSS-2-300W-R2 measures open channel velocity and water depth by non-contact means virtually eliminating the need to periodically clean the sensors as required by all submerged type sensors. Data recovery from HydroSpan irrigration metering system deployments ranges between 98% to 100% even under site conditions that render most submerged sensors inoperable. The accuracy of RSS-2-300W-R2 under both open channel conditions as well as surcharge (submerged) conditions is more than adequate for the most demanding of metering applications including open channel billing applications


  • Trapezoid & U shape irrigration channels
  • Partially filled pipes
  • Very high volumes and velocities from time to time