Product Description

The HS-100/300/600 offers an innovative, non-contact ultrasonic level sensor with no moving parts built for challenging water level measurement. This accurate and reliable sensor is built for water level measurement and general purpose, The unit is 9-30VDC and is equipped with a universal display. HS-100/300/600 offers user-programmable settings and, in addition to the displayed values, features an LED light.

Measuring principle

The level height is calculated from the time it takes for ultrasonic pulses to travel from the sensor to the surface of the medium and back. Chemical and physical properties of the medium do not influence the measurement result. Therefore, aggressive and abrasive, viscous and adhesive media can be measured without problems.

Operation mode

This continuous level measurement is based on the travel time of ultrasonic pulses to the surface of the medium and back.
When installing the sensor, the typical block distance has to be considered. Rough liquid surfaces and the changed angle during filling and emptying granulated solids influence the reflection of the ultrasonic pulses and may impact measurement.

  • Features
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  • Accurate and reliable sensing method
  • Ultrasonic level sensor technology is ideal for difficult fluids where contact with the media is not desirable
  • An ultrasonic water level sensor is ideally sized and priced for most applications
  • Easy to install-- simple to use
  • There are no moving parts
Range: 1m,3m,6m

Dead zone:≤0.1~0.4m

Max measure error: 0.3%×full scale

Power: 12-24VDC

Power consumption: <1.5W

Output signal: 4~20mA ,RS-232/485

Max load impedance: 300Ω

Display panel: LED /LCD

Fix model: M60X2 or ¢61MM


Admission cable: 1.5m

Protection degree: IP65

Humidity: 0 to 95%

Ambient temperature:-10℃~60℃

Ambient pressure: normal condition

Material: ABS

  • Water and Waste Water
  • Control Automation
  • Chemical Feed
  • Food and Beverage
  • Acids, Inks, Paints
  • Slurries